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Our company represents a young and dynamic spirit in the world of professional refrigeration, an expression of high-performance equipment, with attention to wine showcase design and technology. If you are looking for a top-notch wine library, or a display case for meat or cheese, you are in the right place. Ideal for public exhibition, our wine libraries differ from others on the market for their perfect combination of elegance and high performance.

We are specialized in production of cooling equipment designed to meet the needs and desires of those who work in various professional and private environments, ranging from hi-end catering to the world of wine (cellars, wine bars and bars) passing through specialized wine shops requiring exquisite presentation to enhance it and make it more appreciated by customers.

Each of our refrigerating wine library as well as each meat and cheese display is made with the utmost care: they are not simple professional appliances but real furnishing elements representing excellence in design and technology. We bring value to the aesthetics and style of the entire room by exhibiting only the best wines, best cuts of meat and cheese.

We are proud to present a new showcase line for true connoisseurs of wine and dry aging. Brera is the result of our passion and continuous search for perfection.

Brera products represent much more than just a line of display cases and wine libraries offering true innovation and the result of new philosophy strongly oriented towards the aesthetic side. Functionality, quality, attention to every detail and inimitable design of wine showcases define unique technological features and quality appearance of customizable, aesthetically refined and elegant refrigerators by Brera. Explore iconic wine libraries and grocery display cases that will conquer every look.

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