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Wine library

The elegant design of the Wine Library enhances your wine bottles. Modular, joinable and highly customizable, it is a wall of light and style that preserves your wines at the ideal temperature and makes them irresistible.

Wine display

The Brera Wine Display is the perfect solution for all premises; an extremely adaptable display unit, able to keep your wine at the right temperature and that thanks to its elegant design, brings value to wine showrooms, cellars, restaurants and homes.

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    A complete range of wine cabinets: when each detail matters

    True wine connoisseurs will definitely appreciate our wide selection of refrigerated wine display cabinets designed to ensure the perfect conservation of your favourite bottles and to give them the right importance and relevance.

    Would you like to highlight the wide collection of wines that you have carefully selected for your customers? GEMM can help you choose the best wine display cabinet for your restaurant.

    Our line of wine bottle display cabinets, called Brera, represents a new way of looking at design: we transform a simple wine cabinet or refrigerator into a real piece of furniture that will enrich any place, such as a restaurant, a wine cellar, or your house, with a modern and sophisticated touch.

    Our Wine Libraries and Wine Display cabinets are modular and available with various storage capacities in order to meet all the different needs. They will enhance your most precious wine bottles with a steel frame, all-glass doors and internal LED lighting: an elegant, transparent and sparkling wine display cabinet that will certainly capture your eyes. These features, combined with the possibility of setting two different temperatures to store various types of wine, make our line of wine bottle display cabinets really extraordinary.

    All this without forgetting that our wine cabinets will perfectly store your most precious wine bottles during the years, as well as offer them at the correct temperature for an excellent tasting.

    Brera wine bottle display cabinets: a pleasure for the eyes, but also for the most demanding and expert palates of wine connoisseurs.


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