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Dry Aging

Dry Aging is the ideal tool for displaying and enhancing the best pieces of meat and entice the customer to purchase or consume them. The perfect maturation of your fine cuts takes place thanks to the right balance between temperature, humidity and ventilation which is expertly adjusted by our Dry Aging, equipped with a system that guarantees maximum performance and absolute reliability.


New line of BRERA Dairy displays was created to preserve dairy and cold cuts products at the ideal temperature and to expose them directly into the dining area.

Due to their elegant design and compact size, the displays are perfect for storage in any type of location. The controlled ventilation guarantees the preservation of taste and aroma.

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    Refrigerators for dry-aged meat: professionalism on display

    What could be better than a perfect match between a glass of wine and a fine cut of dry-aged meat?

    For this reason, the right refrigerator for dry-aged meat is necessary to allow each cut of meat to mature in a proper way and acquire a unique taste and tenderness.

    GEMM has designed a special line of dry aging display cabinets for the perfect maturation of meat and the storage of cold cuts and cheese. Our line, called Brera, blends great professionalism and high performance, with the only purpose of keeping unaltered the quality of the products.

    Dry aging is our professional refrigerator for dry-aged meat that provides excellent conditions for the perfect maturation of meat: thanks to our professional equipment and your experience you will obtain tender and tasty products reducing bacterial contamination.

    Instead, Dairy is designed to store cheese or cold cuts and, thanks to its technical features, keeps unchanged the quality of these products.

    Furthermore, Brera represents a new way of looking at design: we create much more than a simple refrigerator for dry-aged meat, we transform it into a real piece of furniture that will enrich any place, such as a restaurant or a butcher shop, with a modern and sophisticated touch.

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